Secrets to Finding Something on Sale

Everyone who goes shopping likes a bargain. Everyone wants to find that one item that they covet at a store but even more, they want to find it on sale. Here’s a secret: Sales are not determined on supply nor demand -- low-selling items do not go on sale and the same goes for overstocked items.

Somedays you go to the department store and it’s filled with stock. Tables, fixtures and shelves are full of items and they have that special red tag on it. Or there’s always that table that is a mixed mess of handbags, clutches and totes. And at that table, you will find women fighting against one another trying to get a hold of that one perfect sale item.

So when do these discounts and markdowns happen? On what day should I venture into the store and find these sale items? Department stores have specified schedules for sale; In fact there are sales frequently, but they only occur on certain days.

At any Bloomingdales or Macy’s, sales normally occur on the weekends. Specifically speaking, they occur from Friday opening to Sunday closing. Those special table items we spoke of are usually under storage during the weekdays and finally their appearance from Friday until Sunday. Those days, a majority of the items in the store (“sale”, liquidated or otherwise) come down in price.

There are going to be certain manufacturers that never go on sale: high-end fashion companies like Fendi and Burberry do not allow retailers to put their items on sale. So don’t expect to see a spy bag or a plaid bag on a table. But  nonetheless,retailers like Bloomingdales and Macy’s have their own in-house brands that go on sale frequently.

Literally, there is a difference in price between Thursday and Friday. It can be a 20%-40%, so be aware of that. You can always inquire with salespeople or floor managers about what items will go on sale and when. And when you inquire, you have the option to put those items on hold. And when sale days come, you can purchase those items right away.

Retailers are keeping shoppers “in the know” about when sales are happening. Get on your favorite retailer’s mailing list and they will send weekly if not daily notices about upcoming sales. Also, being a credit card holder of one of these retailers can even give you a bigger discount.

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