Upcoming Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is known as the day when retailers go from the red (debt) into the “black” (profit). It’s also a day when perfectly well-adjusted human being become feral animals the moment the doors of a retailer opens. This phenomena is all in part of people trying to get a good deal.

As Black Friday comes close, a new controversy arises: Stores are opening on the Thursday before Black Friday. As tradition goes, that day is Thanksgiving, a national holiday in the United States. Normally a day to stay at home, eat a turkey dinner and watch football -- now, retailers are opening up trying to get a little more extra sales in before Black Friday.

People are speaking against this new practice among retailers as the common belief held is that people should be home with their families. One can blame the current economic climate or the fact people just want to get extra work in. But at the end, the winner ends up being the consumer as many deals are abound.

Already, retailers are advertising their Thanksgiving and Black Friday specials. If you are a rewards member at Best Buy, they have special in-store hours before Black Friday where they can shop for items at “Black Friday” prices. This usually occurs on the Sunday before Black Friday or may possibly occur during Thanksgiving Day.

Kmart is another store that will be opened on Thanksgiving Day -- from 6am to 5pm and from 7pm until 3am, Kmart will open its doors and present consumers with their “Doorbuster Deals”. Specials like 42-inch flat screen TVs going at $299 and Android tablets going at $89. There will plenty of 2-for-1 specials on toys, apparel and other electronic goods.

Get a headstart on all the madness by collecting all the ads in your Sunday newspaper. Yes, retailer still advertise their sales on physical newspapers. But of course, visit the website of your favorite retailer to check what specials they have going on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Also, you still can apply for their rewards program to see if there are special shopping days available to you.

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