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Now that the curtains have been drawn and Apple CEO revealed the new iPad to the world, we can safely assume that their tablet is going to sell out. Apple fanboys and tech geeks seeking their status symbol will find their self-respect in this wonderful gadget. But there are other tablets out there; Not just from Apple and Samsung.

Now that the latest iPad is about to hit stores, the market on tablets obviously became more expansive. With the new, bigger player to hit the stores, other manufacturers will have to find ways to make their tablets more attractive to the consumer. And the consumer will be the biggest beneficiary because it only means prices will come down.

So what are the best deals out there for a tablet? Listed below are tablets that just came down in price.

Kindle Fire HD - Amazon foray into the tablet market -- the first generation of Kindle was released towards the end of 2012 and it is a stable tablet. Best for watching media (streaming TV) and for reading, the Kindle Fire has a modest number of popular apps. And with the release of the latest model, the Kindle Fire HDX, the first generation is coming down greatly in price. If you’re looking for an inexpensive tablet that can view books, log in to Netflix and Hulu, this first generation Kindle is perfect for you.

Galaxy Tab 3 (7-inch) - As stated Samsung is one of the “big boys”, yet the price point on the 7-inch Tab is under $200. The display size is similar to the Kindle Fire and even better it runs on the Android operating system. This means that it has access to Google Play, which carries one of the biggest app libraries around. You get YouTube, Google apps, brand name banking apps and of course, games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds.

The other companies: Log into Amazon or Best Buy and you will find a host of other tablet  manufacturers other than Apple and Samsung. Asus, Matricom and TabletExpress all fall into this category -- all they all run on the Android system. Are these quality machines for their price? Yes and no. They run on similar operating systems but the upgrading and memory option are not up to par with that of the “big boys”; Neither are the displays or sounds quality.

There are now plenty of options as new and hyped tablets come out. Visit any electronics store for a hands-on trial of these amazing tablets. They have come down greatly in price and they are and will continue to be quality devices.

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