October Buying Guide for a Guy's Guy

October seems to be a magical time of the year for the guy’s guy. If you don’t know what a guy’s guy is -- it is that one male that you know (or possibly) several that does “guy” things. This is basically "guy" activities: playing sports, watching sports, playing video game and eating junk food.

Something about October is perfect for the guy’s guy. Some guys are just getting back to school and hanging with their “bros”; Some are getting back to the gym after a long summer. But at this time of the year, the American football season is well under way. The European soccer season is also just getting started. The baseball playoffs will be contested ultimately leading up to the World Series. And last, hockey and basketball season are just about to get started.

Not to mention video games. October and November are the best months to buy video games as publishers start releasing their best games for the upcoming holiday season. From sports games to sandbox games, rpgs and fps games -- they will be all coming out for the holiday rush.

Sports jerseys - It’s that time of the year and you know that guy’s guy wants to start representing his team. His wants to hit the sports bar on game day and he wants to enjoy the tailgate party before hitting the stadium. What better way to represent his pride in his sports team than a jersey. Visit any sports store or any online store to get a jersey, sweatshirt, etc.

Video games - As mentioned, it’s the best time to buy video games. Grand Theft Auto 5 is already out. RPG’s like Diablo 3 and Final Fantasy 14 is perfect for players seeking dungeon crawling and character building. And the big ones coming out soon is Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 -- although coming out in early November, you can pre-order the games right now.

Food - Of course, a guy’s guy routine with watching sports and playing video games needs energy. And this can only come from food. Guy’s guys like to eat. But what is the best food for such a lifestyle? Pretty easy: pizza, wings, beers or anything in that arena. Places like Domino’s, Hooters have special discounts and gift cards that can be redeemed at every location and online stores. Barbecues in the backyard may not be a good idea in the winter, but doing it on the balcony is. There’s no better gift than the gift of nourishment for every guy that spends hours watching sports and playing video games.

Shopping for a guy’s guy is a simple chore, as long as you stay in the realm of sports, video games and foods, you’re in the right direction.

Image credit: Hector Alejandro on Flickr


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